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mrl234mrl234 Posts: 548Registered Users
So I ordered a CV shampoo bar (the Cafe Moreno) and I'm excited to try it. My hair has actually been feeling a little oily for once, just at the roots.

I was wondering what people with hair more like mine had to say about their experiences with CV shampoo bars. Also, I've noticed some people say you need an ACV rinse after, and some don't - what have other wavies found regarding this? Has anyone found them drying or too moisturizing? Any other thoughts?

I know everyone's hair is different so there's no predicting my reaction from everyone else's, but I might be able to avoid some of the trial and error with this.
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    I havent been able to get any shampoo/soap bars to work for me. There just to moisturizing for me even with acv rinses. Although I do love the cv bars as a bath bars.

    I have the best luck with the jessicurl shampoos.
  • BBBB Posts: 475Registered Users
    I'm having great luck with the healing hemp bar from the Big Sur Soap Company (you have to email them about it). I use an ACV rinse afterwards but not a seperate conditioner. It took me some trial and error to get it down.
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  • helloitsiohelloitsio Posts: 1,369Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I've been alternating between the CV bars and kathymack's soap bars. Between the two, I prefer KM's bars but need the CV bars in between to prevent buildup of the oils from the soap. I have tried the bars with and without ACV and find that my hair responds better with an ACV rinse. I have hard water and an ACV rinse is a must to prevent mineral buildup and to seal the cuticle.
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  • TillyMunchyWavesTillyMunchyWaves Posts: 671Registered Users
    I think I'm the only one who doesn't like the shampoo bars. Doesn't work for me...I just don't like spending 10 minutes trying to lather up, and then my hair doesn't feel right when it's dried. Cowashing works much better for me, makes my hair feel better, and the weekly lowpoo.
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    I haven't tried the CV bars, but I have tried some of KathyMack's as well as an all natural face bar (I swiped from a hotel I stayed at.) I had no success whatsoever with KM's... the bars didn't seem to cleanse, and my hair felt weighed down and waxy after I used them. The bar I swiped has been working really really well for me once a week, it has aloe in it, as well as some citrus oils... the only bad part is that once this bar is gone, I'm pretty much out of luck (unless I want to break into the housekeeping closet for more :evil2:) Anyway, that being said, I think it's about finding the right bar/product for your hair. We all seem to have different experiences.

    Good luck!!!
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  • rhosyn_durhosyn_du Posts: 99Registered Users
    I find that CV bars work best for me when I alternate them with CO. I have to use an acid rinse, but I use lemon or lime juice rather than ACV, since vinegar makes my hair flip out like a ninja.
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  • DEL2CDEL2C Posts: 6,418Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've tried Soap bars various kinds including kathymacs but have had better results with CV Shampoo bars. I've been alternating with a low poo to avoid build up.
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  • mrl234mrl234 Posts: 548Registered Users
    Woohoooo they arrived today and smell DELICIOUS. I am super excited to try them tomorrow! I'll let people know what I find out.
    fia 2C/3A-F-iii, sensitive to some proteins
    CGish since 10-16-08
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  • babybelbabybel Posts: 56Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I am currently using them as a once-weekly cleansing, and they work really well on my fine Scandinavian hair! My favourite is Chamomile and Citrus, it smells lovely and gives me good volume.

    I have tried with and without ACV rinse, and with and without condish afterwards. All of them seem to work. ACV rinse gives me shine and sleekness, no rinse gives me more volume so I think I prefer that... Need a bit of condish afterwards though, too hard to detangle otherwise!
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  • VanedaVaneda Posts: 402Registered Users
    I have tried several of the CV bars but only really love the Rosemary Mint ones.

    In order to get good results I find I *must* rinse with vinegar. I only use white vinegar - I just don't like ACV.
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