Mostly here for my children

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My hair is wavy, but I have an adult daughter with very curly hair, and a ten-year-old son with unruly hair. I'd like to help them learn to love their hair.

My daughter has tried no-poo, when I first bought the Curly Girl book for her. But she gets dandruff, and it's just a lot worse if she doesn't shampoo. She says she'll never try it again!

My son doesn't have that problem, but he doesn't like his curls, so he's always trying to comb his hair straight, and slick it down.

If you're interested, there are photos of the entire family at


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    welcome, glad you're here

    there is a forum for parents of curlies. it has tons of great advice and info on caring for their curls.

    dandruff develops at the scalp. Curly Girl does mention and suggests shampooing only the scalp and only conditioning the rest of the hair. she should try using her favorite anti-d poo on her scalp.

    boys can be tricky sometimes. i had to beg my then 12 yr old cousin and his mom (she has straight hair) to grow out his 3b curls. once he did, he noticed how much more positive attention he was getting. now he refuses to cut them. mainly b/c he is in high school and the girls LOVE his hair.

    there are styling ideas for boys/men in curlpix.


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