VO5 made me fluffy!

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Today was day #2 of trying VO5 Tea Therapy Clarifying Conditioner. It left me....well, fluffy. I had to use twice as much Tweek as normal, and still fluff!

I was trying the V05 as an alternate to the Suave Coconut Naturals (allergic to the silk protein in that, I think). The Suave was perfect (except for the allergy). Trader Joe's Refresh is too thick and yet also not moisturizing enough.

Any other suggestions?
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Mastey Traite shampoo
Mastey Frehair conditioner
pink Boots curl creme (TINY amount)
Aura Lemongrass Mousse
scrunch with Curls Like Us Curl Cloth
air dry
scrunch out the crunch


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    are you using a separate, heavier rinse-out or leave-in condish? i use the VO5 tea therapy (nourishing - i think that's the chamomile?) strictly as my co-wash, because it's not really very moisturizing. HTH!
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