feels funny?

I have a very short style that Im trying to grow out and even though its suppose to be worn smooth and straight I have begun to let it go natural with curls. I decided this week to try the no poo method and my head feels funny. Like there is an invisable hat on my head or somthing. Ive read about CG's using aloe vera juice to make it softer and others using ACV rinses with a few drops of essential oils to combat the smell but how do you use all this stuff. I feel honor bound to my head to wash with a poo but want so badly to go free of it. I was told that if I went poo free that in a weeks time I could see my true curl pattern coming back. Is this so?


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    Okay I went poo free tonight. As I was in the shower I let the warm water cascade over my short curls and then reached for a bottle containing Aloe Juice. I tried to distribute it evenly through out my hair. I didnt notice any "softening" effect and it seemed rather rough in fact. I had to be gentle getting a wide tooth comb through it but managed. Later as it dried I had limp curls and is this stuff actually used?
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    I'm definitely no expert, but I think most people use the aloe vera as a gel after using a leave-in?
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    First off, I'm not an expert on using aloe vera gel, but I do know that people here do not typically use it in the shower; it's used afterwards to style, either on wet or dry hair.

    This is a great resource for a few natural ways to wash your hair without shampoo. I know a few people who use baking soda with great success. I currently use V05 Vanilla Mint Tea clarifying conditioner to co-wash (conditioner wash), and have found it is nicely cleansing without being drying at all. It's worth a shot as its super cheap.
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