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Hi, everyone.

I stumbled on this site today and am extremely excited to be here. I'm from Utah (I still live in Salt Lake), and grew up in a family where I'm the only one with curly hair, and I don't think I've ever been taught how to really take care of it.

As far as I can tell, I'm closest to 3b. My struggle is that I have very fine, thin curly hair. (I once had a stylist tell me that my hair is like baby hair.) Getting body is tough, as is dealing with static (especially in the winter). I'm interested in trying new things and am ready for something different.


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    you'll find great tips on this site, so good luck! :toothy10:
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    Thanks. I just went out and bought the book today. Read it straight through, but am still trying to figure out exactly where I should start with my hair.

    I've embraced my curly hair throughout my life (with a lot of thanks to my dad, who LOVES my curly hair). Since it's so fine and thin, though, I've always used product. So I wash with shampoo every day to get the product out. If I try to go more natural, I'm afraid my hair's just going to flop and look terrible.
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    the flop is a scary thought, i've been there. my hair is closer to 3a, but i've found that if i rinse my hair every day (and condition) i can usually get away with a couple of days between shampooings. i've also tried using lighter hold products with less sticky stuff in them, and when all else fails, i pile it into a curly mound on top of my head... good luck!

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