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Ok, so I've attempted to leave about 40% of my conditioner in after a shower, pineappled, and went to bed. In the morning my hair still hadn't dried, and it felt kind of sticky and gross, and looked greasy in some spots, and half of it still hadn't dried. I've never actually tried to leave some in after this because of this feeling.

Does it absorb into the hair as it dries? Does anyone else experience this feeling of ickyness after leaving alot in? I don't get how people can leave nearly 80% in without having the wet look all day.
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  • IvyWalkerIvyWalker Registered Users Posts: 36
    If I put my hair up wet before I went to bed, there's no way it would dry before I got up, no matter what product it had in it.
  • lushaholiclushaholic Registered Users Posts: 2,180
    IvyWalker wrote:
    If I put my hair up wet before I went to bed, there's no way it would dry before I got up, no matter what product it had in it.

    Same here.

    Tina, what conditioner did you use as a leave-in?
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    I can't leave my conditioner in, it makes my hair feel sticky and gummy. Most leave-in's leave my hair gummy and crunchy. If I use a creamy leave in and mix it w/ some water in my hand, I have better luck, but my rinse outs have to be rinsed out.
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    I left in Garnier's Sleek and Shine. Not the leave in stuff, but the actual conditioner. Very gross feeling in the morning. I had to go straight to the shower.
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  • littlemisscurlylittlemisscurly Registered Users Posts: 161
    I don't use my usual conditioner as my leave-in and instead use a spray leave in after, else mine feels gross in the morning. I like GUM leave in (but I don't think it's CG).

    As for the drying, instead of a pineapple I put mine in a microfibre turban and it's about 90% dry when I wake up.
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    I make sure that the conditioner I leave in is specifically a leave-in. I used Humectress and now use Phyto Organics Humectin (nexxus), wash my hair, put it in, and don't rinse out. My hair doesn't feel sticky or gummy at all.

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