All the Damage?

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I was born with almost white, blonde hair and now it's turned to a mousy brown color, along with my eyebrows. My current color makes me look a bit pale and kind of sick, and I honestly think I'd look better with blonde hair. My hair is already very damaged from years of relaxers and flat irons. So, how much damage do you think it would cause to go from this(me): *my hair is naturally very curly, I just have it flat ironed in the picture*

To this color:


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    Love that blonde color....similar to mine. I used to be bruntte, but by the miracle of Miss Clairol, Im a blonde. Simialr to that photo. Go for it..!

    BTW what is the brand and color # of that pic?
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    Honestly, I would be careful about going lighter if you already have really damaged hair.
    You may think that mousy brown is the worst look for your hair, but believe me, chunks of broken hair is WAY worse (and I'm speaking from experience. My below shoulder length hair has some pieces only a few inches long - horrible!).
    My natural hair colour is similar to yours, but a little lighter and more ashy. I went blond for 2 years, going to the salon every 5 weeks to get my roots touched up. Now, my hair is totally fried, and I've had to dye it back to brown (which incidentally, has taken 3 tries so far, and it's still not right) and, after a month of babying my hair, it's only now starting to feel okay again and not breaking off so much.
    So just be warned that hair is not as resilient as we sometimes like to think it is!
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    Seriously, I'd get your hair in GOOD condition first before lightening it, as the color you want is several shades lighter than what you have. I know this is hard, when you want that new color now, but your hair will thank you. Lay off the relaxers, flat-irons and other heat devices, and maybe get onto a CG routine for your hair along with deep treatments to restore lost proteins and such to your hair. A good haircut will help too, to get rid of damaged ends. Also, your natural un-relaxed hair grow out. In the meantime, you might find that as you hair gets into better condition, along with bringing out your curls, you might like your natural color more - just sayin'. Bottom-line, give the TLC a chance.
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