Thinking of growing out my relaxer and going natural!!

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Hi I'm new to the site and I was wondering if I could get some help!! I'm thinking of growing my hair back natural starting in two weeks, but I'm scared of the change. Is there any info that you can give me? My hair is a 4b and it gets real coarse too it's to the point were I don't know what to do with it!! But see the thing is that I don't like doing my hair, please help a sista out!!


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    i grew my relaxer out too! i have to be honest and say if you don't like doing your hair, you better start ahaha. moisturizers and protective/"out" styles (braidouts, twistouts, bantu knot outs, etc.) will be your best friends. don't be afraid to experiment, what works for one person may not work for you. conditioner is another great thing. if you try something completely off the wall and your hair likes it, consider it another weapon in your artillery. don't get caught up in "black products" vs. "white products". i did that when i started and it made me go crazy trying to find something that works. ALL products are for everyone's hair, even if they market to a certain demographic. keep the line of demarcation (where your curly hair meets the straight) moist and try not to stress it too much. always deep conditon. if you use heat, ALWAYS use heat protectant. no exceptions. hmm...don't be surprised if you have days where you'd rather be bald than be transitioning, be PATIENT. don't be bothered by other people's comments; they WILL tell you to just relax it or think you're crazy. relaxers are in not healthier than natural hair, you're starting from a damaged base. and you're not crazy, embracing your natural self is a GREAT thing!

    lets gentle and patient. when in doubt, moisturize. and have fun discovering your hair! :thumbright:

    hair type: 3c/4a, naturally super soft, and really prone to frizz.

    :love7:i heart naturally curly hair!
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    Check out the transitioners forum too, lots of help/support in there and we love hearing from new converts! :toothy7:

    Welcome to!
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    we are glad to have you here future CG!

    you might find this nc article interesting:

    visiting the transitioning section will give you support and advice while making the change

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    Welcome and good luck transitioning!
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    Welcome, and I couldn't give any better advice than dancerxot's. Great reply!
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