Thick & Curly (Love em but YIKES!)

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Hey everyone,

Im new on here, but happy to join an online community of people sharing my curly adventures. LoL

Ive completely stopped relaxing & chemically treating my hair over 6 years ago. My relaxers have since grown/been cut out and im discovering my curly hair. I love the whole wash & go look, BUT, my wash & go is not so much wash & go! It takes forever plus only God knows how much product. I think im a 3c or 4a hair type.

I have 2 major issues with my hair.
#1: I LOVE My curls wet. But as soon as they dry, uncontrolable frizz, no matter what I put in it.

#2: I think as a result of blow drying, pressing, flat ironing & brushing, One side is WAY more curly than the other and the center is Ooo Soo Thick (but very curly)

Ive been considering curl softeners, but I really want to stray away from any permanent procedures, & im afraid of negative results due to my "uneven" curls.

Any product suggestions, tips, ideas?


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    First off, welcome to! :toothy7:
    Good for you for embracing your natural curls!

    The types of products you're using are important. Are you CG (that is, no silicone and no sulfates)? If not, I would give it a try in order to help restore some moisture and balance to your hair. Look for conditioners that don't have silicone in them so you can use those in place of a harsh shampoo (suave naturals and v05 are good ones).

    Do you air dry your hair? Not touching your hair at all while it's drying will help with frizz. You might want to experiment with some gels too.

    As far as the lopsided curls, if it's heat damage from irons and the like, it might just have to be regrown and cut off, unfortunately. Manipulation like that tends to be bad news for curls unless done carefully and infrequently.

    Hope that helps and have fun in the forums!
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    we are glad to have you!

    you will find loads of CG advice in the hair forums and in curlreading

    browse around and have fun!


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