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Hi everyone!

Well I *had* found a great stylist who made my curls look absolutely amazing! I've gone to her twice, and I had made an appointment for today at 2:15. My boyfriend is taking me to a fancy place for my birthday dinner and I wanted my hair to look amazing. Well I had made the appt. for 1:30 and they called earlier this week to move it to 2:15. That still worked for me. I was on my way to the appt. today and they called and asked if they could push it back to 3:30, because "the person before you has more hair than we realized". I said no, that wouldn't work for me at all, as I had dinner reservations at 5:30. They asked if I'd like to reschedule for next week and I said "No, I made this appt. for this day and time for a reason because I have dinner plans and wanted my hair to look nice." The girl didn't say anything, so I just said "Forget it, I'm going somewhere else." I didn't want to pitch a fit, but maybe I should have... I'm really upset!!

Anyway I called the Ulta salon that is nearby and they could fit me in right away, but the lady that did my hair doesn't understand curls. Ack!

what would y'all have done in similar circumstances??



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    I might have asked to speak with a manager, and explained it to her. But I think you did the right thing, too. if you want to go back there, though, call and explain things;maybe they'll give you a free appointment.
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    At least they called you... nothing worse than killing yourself getting to your appointment on time (dentist, doctor or hair salon) because that's the right thing to do.. and then they make you sit there because they're 2 hrs behind. :thumbdown:


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    I would most definitely have pitched a fit. But then, I'm a fit pitcher. :happy6:

    Mal, I've heard to always schedule a hair appt one week in advance of a special event. For several reasons, most important of which is if the stylist messes up you'll have time for correction.

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