If you are doing braided styles...

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How do you keep your child still?

Mine is so squirmy! She's 3 and a live wire. I don't even do elaborate styles - only puffs and twists. How do you guys get your girls(or boys) to sit for long periods of time to do such cute braided styles. TV works for a short time but she's so interested in interacting with the shows it's frustrating to work with a moving head.

Interestingly, she sat still for my sister in law for her to do these braids - she won't even try for me...


mini-album w/ various styles for the past 10 years of natural hair:
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    My daughter just turned two , and I only braid her hair when she is sleepy. When I see that she is tired I give her a bath and wash her hair. I then let her lay on the bed with her head on my lap . She twists and turns her head as she tries to fall asleep and I braid which ever side that is facing me. when she falls asleep I can turn her head to complete the other side.

    When I am done I tie her hair down with a silk scarf so that when she wakes up the braids still are neat.
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    the old just-got-out-of-the-bath-and-im-sleepy worked for me yesterday. i only did one braid, but i had to redo it at least 3 times. i put on yo gabba gabba and she let me do it. then it was off to the crib to take a nap! she sleeps on a satin sheet so her hair didnt get messed up either.

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