Bare Minerals anyone?

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I have been wondering if Bare Minerals makeup really is a good product. I keep seeing the ads on tv for the package of makeup and brushes for $60.00. Is it worth the price? Thanks for your help! (Sorry if this has all ready been posted)


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    I think it depends on your skin type. I have oily skin that tends to be shiny. The Bare Minerals didn't make it greasy or cause me to break out, but it had a sheen that I didn't like. If you've got drier skin or don't mind a bit of a glow, you might like it. It's readily available at Ulta, Sephora, and Target now, so it would be risk-free to try it and return it if you didn't like it.

    I had bought the $60 kit, and only used a couple of the products. Personally, I'd buy the foundation and a brush (you need it to apply the foundation), and see what you think.
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    It is shiny...some people call it the "tin-man" look. It's great for dry-skinned folks who are looking for a little glow, but oily folks usually hate it because of the shine.

    It contains bismuth, which is very irritating to some people. It makes their face itch.

    You could get a makeover done at Ulta or Sephora, that way you can try it to see if the shine level works for you without having to pay for it. You can also see if the bismuth bothers you. Try it on a warm day, because that's when bismuth seems to be most bothersome.

    If Bare Minerals isn't for you, there are tons of other mineral makeup companies out there with great products. is one of the best, and their products don't contain bismuth. They have 3 formulations, and the largest selection of colors in probably the entire world of mineral makeup. They sell internet only.
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    I've been using it for about 5 years and love it. I call it "make up for dummies" because it's really hard to do it wrong. My skin tends to be a little on the dry side and the makeup doesn't settle in any cracks. I've found it to be really good at hiding little imperfections without making it look like I have makeup on. I've seen the kits in Ulta and think they are a good buy. You do get smaller size of the foundation but in two colors so you won't get stuck with a full size of something that is the wrong color. The brushes in the kits are the normal, full size ones. I sometimes buy the kit so that I have travel sizes of my foundation and the brushes turn out to be a "free bonus" for me. The initial price might seem high but I've found I only have to buy a new foundation once a year, so a little goes a long way. I use the full Bare Minerals line and so far have not found anything I don't care for. I gave it to both my girls for Christmas a few years ago and they have stuck with it too. As far as I'm concerned it's a go.
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    I use the foundation, and at times the mineral veil to dull the shine that happens from time to time. I don't care much for the other products. but I am fixed on the foundation it's my fav. works really well for me.
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    ohhh! i use it in the summer to soak up oily spots.. then in the winter i use a cream foundation. it really is great stuff! but get it off of ebay! so much cheaper!:blob7:

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    I've heard of people having itching problems with Bare Minerals. I've never tried, so I can't judge.

    If you want to try mineral makeup, Everyday Minerals has a free sample kit. Three foundations, a blush, and a concealer. You just pay a few bucks for shipping. It doesn't contain bismuth and there are four different formulations. Even the full size jars and brushes are very cheap in comparison. My friend got me hooked in June and I don't think I'll ever switch. Their products are high-quality and also environmentally-friendly, which I love.
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    Thank You so much for all of your comments! :)
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    I quite like this

    Great service too.
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    I used Bare Minerals for a few weeks and liked how it looked on me, but I had put it away for awhile to try experiment with some other stuff. When I went back to it, I couldn't use it anymore. It made me itch like a mad woman. I couldn't wait to get home and wash it off. Someone clued me in to the bismuth in it and apparently that was the problem. It took several days of antihistamines and anti-itch cream before the itchiness/scratchy feeling went away. It was bad! So be careful of that. I tried Everyday Minerals too but their foundation does not work for me. I get a weird shine from it. However their Mint green concealer has been a godsend. It really helps tone down my redness.
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    I use it and like it, but I don't think they have enough shade choices in their foundation and it's pricey. I used up my foundation from my welcome kit, but I doubt I will purchase more. I really like Everyday Minerals, which is much, much cheaper. I just ordered another sample kit since I see they've added a lot of new colors since I last ordered from them. I do like some of the Bare Minerals brushes.
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    I have used the Bare Minerals and liked it. However, the shade wasn't quite right for me (I'm very light). So, I tried the purMinerals. I actually like it a little better because it is in a compact and travels well. The Bare Minerals do not travel very well at all. I do think that the Bare Minerals brushes are the best.

    I don't like the Bare Minerals eye makeup, it's difficult to get the color light enough...
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