Allergic Reaction and other skincare frustrations

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I have combo skin (your standard oily T-Zone), large pores, prone to breakouts, and all of that good stuff. I have been trying to find a good skin cleanser for a long time and I have just been trying different types of cleansers in an attempt to find a routine that works well.
I decided to try to go the more "natural" route and bought Alba Botanicals cleanser at Whole Foods, and a few weeks later my husband noticed this scar on the side of my face. It looked like a burn and it was peeling like one too. I thought that maybe I had injured myself and did not know it. After a week or so, it did not get better and I noticed flaking on the sides of my nose as well. I figured it was from the cleanser, so I stopped using it. The problem went away within a couple of days.
I'd never had such a reaction to a cleanser before and it is pretty discouraging having half a bottle of cleanser that I just had to throw out because I cannot use it anymore, so I am trying to find something else.
Has anyone else had an allergic reaction like this to a cleanser?
I am thinking of trying the oil cleansing method now. Anyone have success with this?
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    Not all the healthfood store brands are really natural - in fact, many are just as bad in the fact that there are combinations of things in them that can irritate sensitive skin. About the only brands I can think of that are pretty clean are Aubrey Organics, Dr. Hauschka(expensive!!) and Weleda. In some cases, a simpler drugstore product can work better than a more complicated natural one for this reason. Any number of things can contribute to what exactly is irritating the skin too. Sometimes irritation comes on slowly, after you've been using the product for awhile, and sometimes it happens literally within an hour or so(I've had both happen myself, so I have to be very careful with what I put on my skin.)
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