how to deal with frizz??

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I have type 2c .My hair is long and very thick. I have tried gel and mouse but my hair becomes frizzy, even though i use anti-frizz and cream to smooth it. please help!!! is there another way i can dry my hair and get the best frizzyless curls ??
i would really appreciete your help :)
thank you :toothy7:


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    well i dont know if this would work for u, but i diffuse my hair and then apply john freda frizz ease onto my hair when its done. if its still not great then i apply sum hairspray
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    i've had the same problem in the past..but i found this product called mane & tail (yes, i know it sounds weird) and after using it i have no frizz at all. also, do you use a lot of heat to style your hair? cuz it also sounds like there could be some heat damage, or it could be lacking moisture.
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