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I'm not actually new, though its been a long time since I've posted anything. Every time I tried to sign on I couldn't and it wouldn't let me reset my password for some reason....so I figured I would create a new name and start over. I never actually formally introduced myself anyway so why not now! :-)

I used to go by "numbersix" btw, just in case anybody is wondering.

sooo....I've loved this site for several years now. I think its great. I love seeing so many curls everywhere! I actually see a ton of curls in real life too which I love (the variety!) , but its nice being able to get SOO much info all in one spot. :-)

I'll have a fotki running soon I guess....

I'm pretty sure my hair is 3B

its just above the shoulders now but used to be a lot longer.

well, thanks for reading!
old fotki that I'm gonna use as my current one: http://public.fotki.com/numbersix/
password: funcurls

hairtype: not sure anymore. it used to be 3b. texture:medium


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    Glad to have you back - new name and all. Thanks for the nice feedback on the site!

    Michelle (fellow 3b)

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