how do you wear your hair to school?

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hey :) how do you wear your hair to school? im going back to school soon and last year i always straightened it... i have no idea what to do with it. when i wear it down naturally after a couple of hours it goes a bit crazy and frizzy and i end up pulling it back and im bored of pony tails and messy buns! :sad8::shock:
my hairs just past my shoulders, 2a and the front, 3a at the back and crazy! :afro:
+ i dont use many products. because i dont know what to use! im a cg crying out for help lol :cry:


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    I usually wear my hair down, or half up half down, or if I woke up late or something in a messy bun. I used to wear my hair back really tight when I was younger because it would just be a frizzy mess so I was worried about my hair line receding so I try to make a gentle bun without too much pull on the front. If you live near a Wegmans or a Whole Foods I highly suggest you go there to find hair products. Wegmans especially is my favorite. I could live in their organic aisle. Just read the ingredients and don't buy anything that has an ingredient that ends in "cone" or "xane" unless it has a PEG in front of it. It would be also in your best interest to get a deep conditioner and just leave it in your hair because your hair sounds dry. Do everything you need to do with your hair when it is SOAKING WET, literally right after you turn off the water. Here's my routine so far -
    • leave in garnier fruictise deep conditioning treatment for color treated hair
    • spray in shaki (or something like that) curl enhancer
    • spray in giovanni leave in conditioner
    • comb through with fingers to distribute product
    • scrunch in some giovanni mousse stuff
    • scrunch in some giovanni gell.
    • flip my head over and shake
    • plop and go to bed.
    • wake up with beautiful hair - maybe spay some jessicurl awe inspiring spray to 'wake up' my hair.
    Tarah - with an "H" :hello2:
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    I'm a curly college student, and LOVING it.
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    I also braid it into pigtails, or do braids all over my head if I want tighter waves.

    Here's a cool site w/ hairstyles:
    4a/Fine Strands/Medium Length/Low Porosity (still editing)
    My product routine is currently a work in progress.
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    Haha hey I don't know if I'll be of much help because i'm a 2a/3a/3b. The under part at the back is wavy, and the canopy is a mix of 3a and 3b because my hair isn't as tight as a 3b or as loose as a 3a. I'm not exactly a CG yet because I'm waiting to see if I'm allowed to get WEN by Chaz Dean that's a curlygirl thing. It's a bit expensive, but I take so long to do my hair. What I do with my hair is I grab some of the top front, and make it a poof (where you slick it back (the stuff you grabbed) and get a ponytail holder and put it in that and then pull the ponytail holder out a bit and push the ponytail forward so it kind of poofs up) and before I even do that I put in a moisturizing serum, and then i put mousse, and then some gel. I put it up in a ponytail with the poof so it'll have volume at the sides when i put it down, and it looks really good on me I think. If you want to see what I look like I'm the one on the right in my pic so you know how my hair looks.
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    I have thick 2c/3a curls and I like to pull the upper section of my hair back into a pony tail, a kind of half updo, because it's got the pretty feel of full down hair with a bit less fuss. It's super easy too!
    2Cish hair
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    I'm not a teen, but I thought this might help you guys.[pid]=471
    You might not want to follow all the steps exactly, but it might give you a few ideas. HTH!
    I have 3c hair that I haven't straightened in over 5 years. It's just past shoulder length when dry, and almost waist length when pulled straight.

    9/02/08 Went CG
    05/12/09 Still CG. Cowashing with VO5 Lavender Luster. I then condition with Giovanni Smooth as Silk. Styling with VO5 Lavender Luster conditioner with my wide-toothed comb.

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    Yeah i totally agree with you. I just sometimes don't know what to do with it when i don't want to wash it (too tired or something) and it doesn't look good down, or you just want to wear it up.
    I just started wearing it in low braids where the hair covers my ears. Don't make them too tight, just relaxed, and leave out bang/bangish things if you have them. It looks really cute but not little girly!:blob7:

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