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I just received this stuff in the mail today and cannot believe I haven't seen anything on these boards about it! It's a hair powder to use in between shampoos to dry up oil and make your hair smell fresh. I've been exploring the world of dry shampoos/powders lately to get more time in between shampoos. I cant stand when my hair looks or smells even slightly dirty. I'm posting here because I know us girls who straighten need to shampoo as little as possible. Has anyone tried this stuff? I won't use it till tomorrow morning, but so far, it smells really good (like, you want to lick you finger good) and is finer than baby powder and comes in different colors depending on your hair color. I'm trying the darker hue for brunettes and redheads.
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    I am anxious to hear your results.
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    So, how did you like it, CurlyBrunette?
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    Alrighty, I used it once so far. I like it. I'm comparing this to the Samy Dry Shampoo (which I loved but the bottle SUCKS and the product doesn't come out after the 2nd use so it's useless) and baby powder (which I couldn't stand the smell of all day) I'd tried before for this purpose. Cake blends into my hair MUCH better than baby powder which gave my hair a kinda greyish matte look (which was weird). The Satin Sugar seems to be absorbed by my hair almost immediately (just like the Samy)- I brushed it through once or twice just to make sure but I really didn't need to. If you were going curly and couldn't brush, I think it'd still be fine. Some people on other review sites complained about the brown color of the powder staining their scalp. I did notice a little brown spot on my scalp, but with just rubbing it a little with my finger, it went away so no big deal. It smells fantastic, definitely takes away that dirty hair smell that I can't stand. All in all, I think I'll stick with this stuff over the other two products.

    My only gripe is that it comes out of the bottle REALLY fast so I keep dumping out more than I need even when I'm really pour slowly.
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

    My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok

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