Who do you think McCain and Obama are going to choose?

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Now that we are only a few days away for the Obama announcement for VP and a bit over a week for the McCain..

Who do you think it will be.. ? Keep in mind that it may not be who you wanted.. My feelings...

OBAMA/BIDEN 08 - democrats

MCCAIN/ROMNEY 08 - republicans (this one is tricky.. cause it could be RIDGE or PAWLENTY)

If McCain selects Lieberman I will be floored!!!
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    I think Ev Bayh for Obama and Rob Portman for McCain. I don't know why Obama would pick Biden because for one, he has a tendency to run his mouth and say inappropriate things (he called Obama a storybook guy). Two, let's face it, Ohio and Florida are really the only states that matter in this race and they are both uphill climbs for Obama. He has to win at least one of them, and I highly doubt he'll Florida. I'll be frank - no one around here (ohio) trusts northeasterners. They're always painted as liberals. Haven't the Dems learned their lesson from 2004?! They need a blue collar white guy from the south or midwest that can pump up Hillary voters.

    I think McCain will definitely get someone that is more conservative than he is. Rob Portman hasn't been talked about a lot lately, but his name has come up many times. He's conservative, from a battleground state. I think he's a Christian (he's from my own state, but I'm not very familiar with him). I was thinking all along that McCain would pick Romney, but now I'm not so sure. I don't think a Mormom would go over very well in many areas, esp. since McCain is so old that people are paying a lot of attention to who he picks for running mate. Race, religion, and region matter so awful much to people, it's depressing. But I think if either side is smart, they'll choose those good ol Christian white boys from the Heartland. Ev Bayh actually isn't so bad. He's known for being borderline conservative (which I don't like, but would help Obama), pro-union, anti-free trade.
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    Didn't Romney take himself out of the running and say he didn't want to be VP?
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    Obama/Clark 08
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