Anyone comb out your waves/curls?

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I know it's a big no-no to do this, but I can't stand the tangles. I really want to either run a comb through my hair or at least run my fingers through my hair. I've been modified CG for about 2 weeks, and I can't stand my hair looking and feeling untouchable. I think it looks so much softer when I comb it out. The somewhat spirals I have turn into soft waves. Does anyone else do this, or do any of you have suggestions that would help my hair look more touchable and normal, rather than an untouchable, tangled mess??
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    If I don't comb through my hair, it looks too goopy producty. I think this is because my hair is fine in texture. I wait for it to dry completely, and then comb through, more in the back than on the sides, so that I have more defined curls around my face. If I lose too much curl from having combed it, I spritz it with water and scrunch. For some reason, I get nice soft curls from this second scrunching, more so than from freshly washed hair.

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    I too get serious tangles if I never comb my hair out. I can go for a day, two maybe, if I treat it very carefully. But then I'm a rat's nest.

    I've found the best balance is to comb my hair out only when it's coated in conditioner, in the shower. I use a low-poo most times I wet my hair, and then condition with either Tigi MM or Suave Naturals Vanilla. I let the conditioner hang out in my hair for a bit, and then comb it through with a wide tooth comb, then let it hang out for a bit longer and then rinse it out. When I'm out of the shower, I only finger comb (raking in leave ins, scrunching in stylers). This gives me a less unpredictable style than not combing at all, but helps to preserve my curl formation.
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    Nothing wrong with using your hands to detangle your hair in the shower with conditioner but not when it's dry. If I use a comb I make a real mess of things but my hair is THICK, THICK, THICK my little girl is a curly/wavy with thinner hair and I do use a wide tooth comb on her sometimes but for the most part I can run my fingers through her hair when I'm co-washing it.
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    Use a wide tooth comb in the shower when your hair is wet with conditioner in it. I have one that looks similar to this:,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair11-01

    I will admit, last week I was too lazy to scrunch some major crunch out of my hair and used my wide, WIDE tooth comb to go through certain parts. I was surprised it worked.
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