ANy way to make curls dry looser?

laurbabyylaurbabyy Posts: 7Registered Users
I have super frizzy type 3a/b hair and I was wondering If there is anything i can do to my hair when it's drying to make it dry in looser curls/straighter? :(

I tried putting it in one tight braid at the back of my head and It makes the top really straight but the part thats in the braid still gets super curly. Any suggestions? Is there anything I can do? (without using any heat products):)


  • cavia1234cavia1234 Posts: 19Registered Users
    You could try putting metal duckbill clips at the bottom of each curl while it is still wet and leave them there until it drys and the clip will weigh down the curls helping to strech them out.:toothy7:
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