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So I've been without a relaxer for about 19 months (BC'd only in June '05 though) now and I thought that everything was going just fine for my hair until I decided to straighten it. Now here comes the wierdness so hold on :D My hair has patches of 3c and 4b but it is mainly 4a. So when I decide to blow dry it AND flatiron it, it comes out looking like a complete 4b :shock: I thought that I was straightening it not kinkfying (don't think that's a word but you know what I mean) it. Now I don't mind having 4b hair, afterall it is a texture I naturally have, but when I am trying to straighten my hair it shouldn't turn out to look like a complete 4b.

It gets even wierder. I know, just when I thought that it couldn't, it did. So I usually use honey to moisturize my hair. Well I raked a small amount of honey into the back and middle portions of my hair when it was wet the other day. (After I had washed my hair after wearing my flatiron fro for a few days :wink:) Well after the hair dries, it turns wavy :shock: Not loosely curled like a 3a or 3b but wavy, like a 2b or something.

What is going on here? I'm completely at a loss for words or explanation. What's even stranger is that now a whole bunch of straight hairs are suddenly appearing in my mass of kinks, and I mean a lot of straight hairs that stick out, tangle with my coils and confuse everyone.

I'm not on birth control, pregnant, have any color in my hair at all, or even take any vitamins other than biotin! I clarify and deep condition when needed and now I really don't know what to do with my hair. Even after I washed the honey out that part of my hair stayed wavy. What is going on? Please help. Any advice would be appreciated.

Sorry for the long post


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    I don't know what to say. I have read on nappturality that sometimes when you use too much heat, it can change the texture of your hair. Maybe you need some deep protein treatments.....
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    when I've straightened in the past, it would usually take a couple of days for the hair to snap back to normal. If you overheated your hair, you'll know because those straight pieces would just end up looking wirey and dead. In that case you can just snip them off.

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