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i'm glad to see is still going strong. its been a while since i last visited. i really think this page needs a 'how to' section. (i don't think you already have one.) i always read about twists & wraps & blow drying, diffusing, ringlets, etc. i think a well written how-to page (with some serious step-by-step pictoral guidance) would be a major asset to this site.
please consider it.
thanks -


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    I second that suggestion, as long as you have the manpower to do that. It would be fabulous!!

  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Thanks for the idea; it's definitely a good one.
    Wendylee hit it on the head, however. Michelle and I are struggling to keep the site up as it is; it's very expensive, and as you know, Internet advertising is way down. We both work outside the home and have children, so are stretched quite thin.
    So finding time and resources to do a big how0to section would be quite an undertaking. Nevertheless, we'll see what we can do.
    Thanks again for the idea, Curly Canuck, and we're glad you're back with us!

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