HDTV, how do I find out what stations already ...

internetchickinternetchick Posts: 6,191Registered Users
have made the switch over? I know some shows are already broadcast in HDTV, so would that mean I would just be able to watch only those specific shows if I had a converter box?

We have been regular TV free for quite some time(only watching DVDs, and I would watch Lost online), but I have been thinking about getting a converter box. We already got our government coupon, but I really don't know much about HDTV. Anyone have any good links to share so I can learn more about it? I have been missing watching PBS, so I am considering making us a regular TV household again.


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    By HD, do you mean digital signal? I don't believe it's the same thing. HD usually refers to high definition.

    I'm guessing you mean the switch from analog to digital signals by 2009? If you are talking about your local stations, you could probably check their websites or just call their main number.
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    I just got an hdtv and use a regular antenna. I'm guessing if you get the converter it will work like mine, though I'm not 100% sure.

    Every station here now broadcasts in digital. When I had my tv scan for stations, it found digital for every analog station (except the shopping one). It also found more than one for some. For example, I now get 4 types of PBS-regular, PBS kids, PBS in Spanish and a crafty/creative PBS. The picture is also far clearer. Being in digital means far less noise!
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    Yes Honeycurls, I meant the switch over to digital.
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    I think you are confusing HD and digital. The FCC is switching all transmissions from analog to digital, so if you have an older analog tv (and you don't have cable) you need to buy the converter box to convert the new digital signal to be able to watch anything starting Feb 09 because your old analog tv won't be able to read the digital signal on its own. If you have cable, your cable box translates the signal for you and you won't need a converter.

    If you want high def you have to buy an HDTV, you can't convert a non HDTV to HD. And then only channels broadcast in HD will be in high def.
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