I missed Project Runway AGAIN

Jess2316Jess2316 Posts: 617Registered Users
I caught the first episode but have missed the last two...darn it! Can anyone fill me in or let me know if there is a link to watch these episodes? I can't BELIEVE I missed it again. :banghead:
3a fine hair (I think)

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I love CK and B&A gel...I like HETT Mousse


  • CurlyCurliesCurlyCurlies Posts: 1,641Registered Users
    Youtube is a beautiful thing! Do a search for Project Runway Season 4 and you will find them. They also have episodes from past seasons.
  • Jess2316Jess2316 Posts: 617Registered Users
    Yippee!! Thanks! Now I have something to do tonight for sure.
    3a fine hair (I think)

    CoN poo and Biolage Conditioning Balm
    I love CK and B&A gel...I like HETT Mousse
  • ScrappyTamScrappyTam Posts: 470Registered Users
    I missed last week's show, but caught the one last night. TOTALLY surprised at who was OUT. Also TOTALLY surprised at who won.

    That sucker was UGLY!! Here's my .02 :laughing7:
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  • RunnerGirl_CristinaRunnerGirl_Cristina Posts: 131Registered Users
    UGH. last night's episode was more disappointing and annoying than usual. boo!
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  • a.l.i.c.e.a.l.i.c.e. Posts: 673Registered Users
    Also, you should be able to catch missed episodes on Sundays or on Wednesday afternoon/evenin before the show. IMO Bravo needs some new programming. It seems like they only play reruns (usually in the form of "marathons") of their current shows about 50% of the time.
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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    Did anyone notice what appeared to be a very large cafe au lait birthmark on Kenley's neck? I thought I was imagining it, but then I noticed she usually has her hair covering it--even her ponytails are to the right. She's so pretty.

    Hated the winning dress. Hated.
  • RichardHeadRichardHead Banned Posts: 629Banned Users
    I noticed that too. That gay mormon guy has got to go soon. He annoys me more than Blayne or Leatherface.
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    Totally unmemorable episode, with the exception of "holla atcha boy."

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