Extreeme Hair Loss Situation...

OK so... I just found out that the extreme case of hair loss that I was experiencing was due to birth control. The doctor has decided to take me off the pills since my case was below normal. Basically all the money I spent in hair products ESPECIALLY detanglers and hair conditioning treatments were useless and a waste of money. The hair was going to fall off anyway, thanks to the pill. Now it may take more than a few months to recover what I lost if we even still have luck growing it back. In the meantime, taking care of the remaining strands has been religion to me. I have not much care but for my hair lately that it may be considered a sin. All I think about now: "is my hair going to keep falling off? When is it going to end?"

I'm still taking Biotin, Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil and Multivitamins. Havent tried the flat iron since May or blowdrying at all. Still using natural wheat germ and olive oil in a daily basis to keep those strands moistured. Hopefully after all my hard work I can gain back the thickness and length but for now it is the unreachable dream. This really sucks! :cry:


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    Taking BCs can increase the amount of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in your liver and make you low on ALL hormones-estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc. You'll test in range if they pull totals, but your frees will be atrocious.

    It does suck. Especially when you cant find a doc that's worthy of the title. I had to go through this w/ my thyroid (long story) and ended up treating myself since no doc would look beyond the range on the test. I now have hair, and am healthy.

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