has anyone ever used soapwort?

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I've tried the whole CO thing and the sulfate-free thing, but I can't get away from real shampoo. I've been able to shampoo less often by doing CO's, but can't stop completely. And pretty much every sulfate-free product has saponified oils as the cleansing ingredient, which only makes my scalp greasy. I'm no better off using sulfate-free shampoo than when I use conditioner. I've read some about soapwort and how some people use it to wash delicate laundry and wash their hair and body. Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with it??? Any thoughts???


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    I have heard of soapwort. It's a herb, right? I don't have any experience using this. I'll be interested in reading up on it and also the responses to your thread. :toothy7:
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    is that the same thing as soap nuts?

    They're supposed to work pretty good-never used them myself.
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    I think soapwort is called Aretha or aritha, and is available as an Indian herb. But it could be soapnot too. I get them mixed up. I've seen soapnuts sold whole for laundry use.
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  • ibraidhairibraidhair Posts: 343Registered Users
    I'm talking about the herb.
  • Curly Girl FlaCurly Girl Fla Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I don't know much about it, but LHC has some threads regarding alternative cleansing. You may want to mosey on over there and do a search for some info? Here's a couple of links...

  • ibraidhairibraidhair Posts: 343Registered Users
    Thanks Curly Girl Fla! Those links were helpful!

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