what is your easiest length?

itsjustmeghanitsjustmeghan Posts: 652Registered Users
i'm just curious...
for me, my hair is a LOT easier as it gets longer. it's very wash and go right now. yes, it's longer, and it means i'm walking around with a wet head for a little while, but i don't have to mess with it as much.
i wash my hair, put in a little gel and leave in conditioner, scrunch, scrunch with a towel, and i'm ready to go. my hair dries frizz free and very very curly without me having to encourage it.
when it was shorter, i had to scrunch it a lot to keep the curls in there, but that also meant i had more frizz...more frizz meant more products...more products meant a whole other page of problems!

is it easier longer? shorter? or somewhere inbetween?
also, is it easier with or without layers?

just curious! :wink:
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  • KurleeKurlee Posts: 1,354Registered Users
    Well, you pretty much know already what my easiest length is. :wink: Just above my shoulders. Every time I try growing it out it always gets so triangle shaped and big in the ends of the hair kinda. I hate it.
    I am thinking about growing it out a little over summer, but I am not sure.

    The longer mine gets the more work I have to put into it looking good. So mine isn't wash n' go like yours is that way.

    I like my hair with long layers the best. That seems to be the only way it looks good when it is longer.


  • kimmyckimmyc Posts: 551Registered Users
    Mine is curliest midway between shoulder and BSL and that's probably the easiest length for me too. Maybe I just think it's easy because I like the way it looks at the length. It's consistently curly and I have good hair days without fussing with it too much.

    Right now I'm growing it out just to see what it looks like. It's a tiny bit above BSL and some days it's just flat and blah. But I'm determined to let it grow for a bit so we'll see.
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  • Suzi-QSuzi-Q Posts: 20Registered Users
    My easiest length is just below shoulders & longer. The curl pattern is stronger then for wearing my hair down, and I like being able to style up-dos with long springy tendrils :wink: It's also easy to pull back into a ponytail and still manage to look "done".
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    My hair is MUCH easier long (shoulder length and longer). I have it short (chin length) right now while my grey grows out, and it looks good this short but is alot more work with absolutely no chance of 2nd day hair.
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  • SmithsGirlSmithsGirl Posts: 100Registered Users
    Either super-short pixie or past shoulder-length. I'm currently in the process of going from one extreme to the other, and those in-between months are the absolute worst and the most high-maintenance, too.
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  • MipMip Posts: 233Registered Users
    My hair is easiest to deal with between shoulder and bra strap length. If it's too long, it just hangs and tends to lack shape. The curls start to stretch out and it looks flat. If it's too short, it gets wavier and the waves are of the awkward variety. It ends up being a lot of work to get it to look nice. At my current length, I can just wash it and leave it.
  • littlemisscurlylittlemisscurly Posts: 161Registered Users
    Mine is about 1inch over shoulders at the easiest. Any shorter and I just look like I have a big triangle shaped bush on my head.

    Trying to grow it longer again however, hopefully to BSL.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Between shoulders and BSL and no bangs are the best for me. Or at least bangs to the chin. Then I have 2nd day hair easier. Am finally noticing easier days with hair. Can't wear it up, would love too though...(pain) :roll: I love Dyan Cannons hair...perfect length I think... :wink:
  • SuZenSuZen Posts: 1,595Registered Users
    Well, it was easiest when it was really short, but it had almost no curl!
  • MuñequitaMuñequita Posts: 157Registered Users
    Mip wrote:
    My hair is easiest to deal with between shoulder and bra strap length. If it's too long, it just hangs and tends to lack shape. The curls start to stretch out and it looks flat. If it's too short, it gets wavier and the waves are of the awkward variety. It ends up being a lot of work to get it to look nice.

    I feel the same way! When I had very short hair it was hard to get my hair to look curly, the waves I got instead were a bit ackward looking. So long hair is definitely the easiest for me because my curls just come naturally at this length. Definitely just wash and go hair!

    Oh, and layers are a must for me. As long as the shortest layer can be pulled back in a ponytail, I won't think about them at all. They just give my hair a nice shape without any extra work involved.
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