Garnier Nutrisse Color...coloring hair at home

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Have any of you used it? It seems like it gets good reviews.

So about a month and 1 week ago, I did henna. It turned my light blond hair incredibly red/orange. So a week ago I went into a salon so that she could dye over it to tone down the orange. She dyed it with a medium blue-toned, ashy brown and it covered up great!

I bought all nexxus colour safe hair products, didn't wash or wet my hair for 4 days afterwards because I was scared to wash the color out.... After I washed my hair twice nearly all of the color washed out! It's not as orange as it was before, but its getting there! So I don't want to pay another 80 dollars, I'm going to try to dye it at home in about a week. (giving two weeks in-between colorings), my hair is in great condition btw.

From your opinions and what you've heard do you think Garnier Nutrisse is a good dye? Does it last well? How can I preserve my color better?

p.s. Please don't tell me to buy Robert Craig, that's completely out of reach. I can't purchase things online.
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    I like that brand.. I used it when I was relaxed and was please with the results. of course, I wasn't diligent about my hair care then, though. LOL. but it is a good choice.
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    I used it in early April to dye my hair, and it worked great! My hair's quite fragile, but I didn't find that it the dye dried it out or weakened it at all. I've managed to keep the color virtually unchanged since then, just by using my regular leave-in and switching to a color conditioner (the Garnier Fructis, brand, in fact-- I've been a fan of the conditioner for about two years now.). I love the color I got, and would definitely recommend it.

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