Dying at home, but with roots

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I really want to dye my hair a darker blond/light brown shade. I want to try dying it at home... it's so tempting when it costs $10 versus $90! My only problem is that I kind of have roots. My hair is currently growing in a medium blond shade, but about 4 or 5 inches down, my hair is a lighter shade of blond (although not as light as it looks in my picture!). It's not a huge difference or anything, and there isn't much of a difference except in certain lighting which can really exaggerate or tone-down my roots. So I don't know if the color would look really uneven and weird if I tried dying it at home!

Any advice? Thank you!


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    Oops, I guess you did post it here too! Sorry! I answered on your other thread on the Hair board. :)
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    I probably had 4-5 inches of roots when I colored my hair a few weeks ago and I just did an all over color and it works.
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