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Hi all

I've complained on here about problems with my canopy being much straighter than the rest of my hair. I thought I'd include some pictures and ask for your thoughts/advice. In my opinion, the bottom layers are 2c but the canopy is between a 1 and 2A. What do you think?

I've had this problem since being a child, so the canopy problem is not caused by dryness, straightening or the highlights or anything like that. The whole texture of the hair feels different - much silkier and smoother. If I brush it, it will go straight, albeit with a bit of fuzziness.

This canopy problem is the main reason why I spent over 10 years religiously straightening my hair! I'm trying to embrace my curls now, but the fact that the canopy just won't curl drives me crazy (and back towards the straightener!) I recently begged my hairdresser to perm the canopy but he refused on the basis that the perm solution might get onto other parts of the hair. I've tried tonging it, but the hair looks ridiculous - far too springy and fake compared to the wavy curls below it, and the curl falls out after a couple of hours.

Does anybody have any advice? I'd be so grateful for any thoughts you might have. Thanks!


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    What about cutting more layers in the canopy? They wouldn't have to be all the way to the top of your head or anything, but maybe if the shortest layer was somewhere between ears and jaw, you can show off more of the curly part.
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    I have the opposite problem, but it's at the back of my head. The hair around the nape of my neck doesn't really curl. It's more wavy. It's SOOO odd compared to the hair on the rest of my head if you look at the pic in my aviatar. I scrunch and scrunch and scrunch, but it doesn't really make much of a difference. It just wants to hang out and be wavy. Heheh. Thankfully it's hidden by the rest of my mop, so if it's cut a tad shorter, you don't really see it.

    I agree that you should get some layers put in. Do you have access to a salon that specializes in curly hair? Maybe they can give you a cut that works with what you have? If I was you I'd try working with my hair as if it was wavy, and not curly, and see what kind of results you can get. Have you read Curly Girl yet? Lorraine Massey has some goot tips for girls who are wavy.

    I know it's frustrating having two different hair types. I have contepmplated putting my hair in rollers, just at the back. Three would do the trick! It's too much work though, and my hair tends to shrink up to my head if a roller comes near it. Have you considered this option?

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your replies. The hair is actually layered, but it's been cut when the hair is wet. So although the canopy is much shorter, by the time the curls underneath have shrunk up, it all looks pretty much the same length! I've told my hairdresser about this ad infinitum, and stressed that the layers on top need to be really short, but he's never got it. (Another stylist who hasn't got a clue - despite telling me he's brilliant with curly hair, he scrubs shampoo agressively into the ends of my hair leaving it majorly fluffy for about a week after.) At the moment, I'm trying to get an appointment with Michael at Unrulys in London - trying to find a curly haired specialist in the UK is pretty desperate! So maybe that would help.

    Calamity M - I would like to treat my hair as wavy, but the hair underneath the canopy is definitely curly. I realised the photo I included doesn't really do my curls justice - it was taken towards the end of day 2, and the hair had been combed a few times. Generally, it's less fuzzy and more spirally. I'll try and get a better photo on here. Would you suggest evening out the hair by partially straightening the under layers? I've never used rollers - what kinds would you suggest, the tubular ones or those bendy things?

    I have read CG as well - really liked the tips about avoiding shampoo and silicones (I only use [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-LowPoo-p-54.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-lowpoo]Deva Low poo[/buylink] to wash my hair now), and putting clear gel on it. But I didn't find her tips for styling wavy hair very useful. Didn't understand that clipping business at all! And her washing routine involved waaaaay too much conditioner - my hair was seriously gross after about a week of doing that!
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    Hi Christina!

    I feel your pain! I have the same issue with my canopy being straiter than the rest of my hair. I would recommend a few things.

    1) Find a new hair stylist. It sounds like the people you are going to aren't listening to your needs and ultimately that's their job. To make you happy.
    2) Go to http://curllove.blogspot.com/ This is a website of a CG on this board who has videos that walk you through clipping your hair while drying it. This has helped my hair a bit and hopefully it will help yours.
    3) Try new products. I'm currently really loving LOOB and it's helped curl my canopy. Maybe your hair needs more than clear gel to get it to do what you want. It's good (not to mention fun!) to try new things.

    I hope this helps. If I find anymore tips I'll be sure to share them!
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