old VHS and cassette tapes...

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these aren't accepted in our recyling boxes here, so i'm wondering what to do with them. most of the used music/book stores will only take CDs and DVDs these days.

i hate to throw them out - i can only imagine how toxic they would be over time in a land fill.

what have you done with yours?
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    Will your local library take them? If not, how about the Salvation Army or FreeCycle? In my experience the Salvation Army will take anything, even old tapes.

    If all else fails, there is a company called Green Disc that will recycle them for you, but you have to pay to ship them.
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    I think Salvation Army or similar would take them.

    I gave most of my kids type VHS tapes to a co-worker for his daughter who had a VCR in her room still. Maybe an add on Freecycle?
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