Proper Application?

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Hey guys,
I just started trying to deal with my curls instead of constantly straightening them and such.. but I find it really difficult.

I have hair that is between type 2a and 2b and it's rather fine. When I apply product, I get a lot of stringy, limp curls instead of anything else.

I've been doing what I think is scrunching, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. Is there a certain way this needs to be done?

Oh yeah, I try to avoid using a diffuser because I am uncertain if my hair dryer is coated with teflon (I have birds and any teflon burn off could kill them in minutes, not risking their lives for my hair). Plus it usually just makes my hair super frizzy.

Here is a picture of how it went yesterday with plopping and scrunching:


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    I get stringy limp curls when I use products with polyquats in them.

    The Jessicurl site has some good videos on how to apply products, scrunch, plop, and diffuse. I think it's just
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    Mine was like that when I first started CG. I was leaving in too much conditioner.
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    Well I tried forgoing the leave-in conditioner I had and my hair looks much better today. It's not perfect because I touched it ^^;;

    But thanks for the links, they helped :)
    Now I just need to try clipping.
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    Unfortunately, it took me weeks to find what worked for my hair and even now it is a work in progress. You have to sort out what ingredients and techniques work for you, but things DO get better. Everyone is very helpful here, and people are pretty generous with sharing samples if you want to try before you buy. The swap board is also a good place to look for things. Good luck and welcome!
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