This is quick easy n tasty!

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Well if you dont mind your house smellin like garlic n onions

If you have fresh spinach, onions, garlic and tomatoes and some olive oil this could b for you-its healthy and i love all of the flavors mixed together

throw everything in a pot or pan(dont use too much oil) let it cook (i think it tastes best if it cooks for a while)

When its done it will b juicy-you can use it as a side with dinner or...

Hard boil an egg
Get two pieces of toast(i like the big wheat ones)

Cut the egg n half take out one side of yolk and THROW IT AWAY(sorry to any vegans)

take the other side of yolk and smear it on both pieces of toast(if you like)

Take some spinach and put it over the yolk

take the white park of the egg-chop it up and put it over the spinach

this could be messy-i eat this for breakfast sometimes when im staying home(dont wanna b smellin like that stuff)
It usually fills me up but eating an apple or something along with it wont kill ya


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    This sounds good! I saw a recipe in a magazine for spiced tomato sauce over hard boiled eggs that reminds me of this. Kind of an indian themed spicy red sauce from the magazine that is cooked from scratch like your meditteranean veggie combo... Will have to try it!
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