especial natural red curly hair HELP?

mpredmpred Registered Users Posts: 1
My problem is not that simple i have frizzy,dry, and damaged hair.

I use some hair products that control some of the frizz but the problem is that my natural red hair gets dark when i use hair products to control the frizz and it gets to dark. WHAT CAN I USED????


  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Gosh --- I'm a redhead, and I've never had this happen.

    Other redheads?
  • jeamariajeamaria Registered Users Posts: 1,851
    I'm not a redhead, but I had a friend who was blond that had that same issue. Another thought she had naturally jet black hair, but once she stopped using oils in her hair (her mother had used them on her hair pretty much from birth) she realized she was actually a medium brown. My hair, which is naturally dark brown, darkens with most products I tend to use. I was shocked to see how light it naturally was one day when I had to hurry out of the house without even having applied leave in, it was so brassy.

    Are you using gels? These types of products darken my hair, because they mimic some of the effect of having wet hair; when the strands are full of water they tend to look a lot darker than they naturally are. It could also be the amount you are using.
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    Before I knew better, a stylist straightened my hair to cut it and I said something about it looking darker straight. She said it was because not as much light was shining through the strands. It made sense at the moment, but as I type this I sorta question it.

    Anyway, I thought that maybe because your hair was clumping more, less light was shining through and it appeared darker.

    But yeah, when I use gel my hair does look darker. Maybe try a mousse.
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    Oh, yeah, gel makes my hair look darker, too. I've had people question whether I started dyeing it when I was wearing gel.
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    Gel makes my hair look darker too, because it looks wet, and I think everybody's hair looks darker when wet. But when I decrunch, it lightens up again.
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