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My hair is mostly a 4a/b mix. Do some of you use different products for the various sections of your hair or do you use the same product(s) all over your hair?
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    I have various hair textures and I use the same product for all of my hair.
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    I have several textures but I use products uniformly.
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    Hi! I'm a newb, by the way. I have 4a/4b hair, too. I use a combination of 2 Curlisto styling products all over my hair - Control I & Control II.
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    I use mango butter along my edges and at the ends to moisturize. It goes on white if I rub it along the length of my hair.
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    So far, I'm using the same products, but not the same concentrations. When using gel for coil enhancement, I skip over the nape and lower sides because it already hangs with lots of individual coils. I apply the crown as normal, and I do extra scrunch around the front/upper middle--that section is my 4b area with little definition on the ends (odd because from the scalp it coils). I also give this area the most leeway (don't try to force it to do much), and it's the area most likely to fro up anyway.
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