Pantene I stopped using it cause stefans told me 2

lvsexClala88lvsexClala88 Posts: 4Registered Users
what do u all think of Pantene Hydrating curls I stopped using it n now im using redken smooth down any opininons (cant spell)
make love not war.... see author 4 details


  • FlossyFlossy Posts: 6Registered Users
    Hi Dont just take hairdresser advice find a product that suits your hair and stick with it. I have tried pantene products and there ok but I did find it a bit drying. I use CurlsRock by Catwalk Tigi you can also get this at Stefan and its great stuff. Is about 27.50 but lasts for ages. I use only about one pump of it rub it between my hands then spread it through wet hair. Hold my hair in place for ages and stops frizzies. Then the next day I just wet my hair and it revitalises the product again.

    Hope this helps let me know.

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