Açai - Brazilian superfood

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I'd like to share with you this "recipe" of açai berry.
It tastes fabulous, and is one of Dr. Perricone's superfoods.

It is available worldwide, in supermarkets, frozen in small packages, probably located next to the frozen fruit pulp section of your store. The typical package contains 250 grams of acai pulp, enough for one serving. The best form of acai pulp is mixed with guarana syrup.

Because it's a very energetic food combination, it is best for daytime consumption (or you might find it difficult to sleep...). It's very popular among athletes. I enjoy it a lot, specially as a breakfast food. So, here's the classic way of preparing the smoothie:

1 package of acai (preferably pre-mixed with guarana. If not available, add about 3 tbs of orange juice)
1 small ripe banana (or 1/2 of the big ones)

Take the frozen package and microwave it for a bit, about 10 seconds. It should defrost just a little, so there is some juice, but mostly ice.
Open the package, put the acai in the blender. Add the banana. Blend until you get a smooth cream (about 30 seconds). Put it in a bowl, top it with the granola.

That's it!


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    What store do you get these at? I've had acai berries (was addicted to the chocolate covered ones for awhile) but never seen puree or guarana.
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    I never saw these chocolate covered ones! Must be fantastic.

    I think you can get the frozen fruit packages at major grocery stores in USA. My fiance lives in St Louis, MO, and he buys it at Dierberg's.

    It's the exact same stuff that I buy here in my town (south of Brazil), because the natural berry is only available in the Amazon region.
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    I bought some of this the other day. I got the one without any added sugar. I made a smoothie with yogurt, banana, ground flax, honey and apple juice and the acai. It was really good!
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