Hairstyles/haircuts for a desperate curly teen?!?!?!?

psycadeliccurlspsycadeliccurls Posts: 19Registered Users
Hi. ok so i have 3a type hair. I don't hate it i accually love my hair but i want my hair to be edgier to look more like me. I am a punk girl Nothing hardcore so here is my question. what are some edgy haircuts/hairstyles that are sort of punk that look good both curly and when i straighten it. and also what type of bangs look better with curly hair. Here some more info : i have fine hair, round ovalish face. please help me!


  • Readi2BcurlieReadi2Bcurlie Posts: 35Registered Users
    this may be too edgy for your likings but I thought kelis looked hot with the shaved mohawk and curly hair, it also looked cute straight
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    what if you dyed a couple of curls a bright color like hot pink or blue. or you could dye the underside of your hair a color. i did that back when i straightened my hair and that was pretty cool.
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    oh yeah Ive always thought the half toned thingy was cute. I saw a girl with blond layers on top and dark brown under layers, soo pretty, I've thought of trying it, but I dont want to dye my hair anymore :(
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    aiming for 12 inches of new growth and 7 inches before the big chop.
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    Thing is though, I did do the half toned thing a while ago (green underneath, reddish brown (natural) on top). It looked great with straight hair and layers and stuff, but whenever I left it curly it looked a little rediculous. =/

    But I'm wondering the same thing. What I *want* to do is grow my curls out. The longer they are the wavier they are, it seems, and I love the kind of punky edgy vibe with long waves and color here.

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    I had an angled bob cut that was probably the edgiest cut I've ever had, considering how hard it is to make curly hair look that way. It was very short in the back and the front was somewhere below my chin. Maybe something like that would work for you?
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