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I know this is the wrong section but some many of you ladies have beautiful skin:
I know the key to great kin is through a good diet. I am eating an apple a day, increasing intake of essential fatty acids, drinking water, taking a multivitamin a day, eating oatmeal 3 times a week, exercising 3 times a week, and stretching every morning.
I use unrefined shea butter to moisturize my skin, it does a great job, but I am looking for an all natural body cleanser/soap to clean, tone, smooth out my skin, making it supple and even toned, I have skin discolorations, do you have any suggestions?
Also please tell me where you purchase it.
Thank you


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    I like Neutrogena's Healthy Skin with SPF 15. It's a bit heavy, so it's not too good for those that get lots of acne, but I love it.
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    I use witchhazel mixed with just a little tea tree oil on my face every night to clean and tone my face. If you have delicate skin dilute it just a little. For skin color and smoothness there is a powered made by Lar`enim I use the dusk to dawn powder but they have many differnt types. Also going with out make up is a great way to impove your skin or if you dont want to go that far cutting out fondation and just using a light powder instead helps. I hope this helps :toothy7:
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    There's a skin care thread on NC too. RedCatWaves (RCW) has alot of people on these natural products and everyone raves about it. But it's completely outside of my budget so...
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