What curl am I?

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I have been reading posts here for a month or so. I've recently tried many new products that I have learned about from this site. I'm sort of new to dabbling into my "curly side". My hair is actually cut into a short stacked bob. The intent was to be able to go curly or have a sleek, straight look. I used to perm my hair a lot growing up (it seemed stick straight back then), then in the last decade have been blowing it out straight. Only just in the past year learned how much wave I do have to work with in my hair. I'm considering growing it out a little bit (1-2 inches) but generally I look better with short hair. My hair gets real stringy when it is longer. I'm not sure what I am...I'm guessing 2A. Like I said, I'm trying to play with my hair to get it in the curly style I like, which has been somewhat difficult. It looks different every day, and not always for the better :-) That's why I am here, to learn more. :-)
I know the picture is small to see anything, and my hair is short, but does anyone have an opinion on what number I am?


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    The pic is kinda small but I think you're mostly 2b. Possibly some 2c in there (?)
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    I agree. You've got a bit of curl, so 2b. 2c if you get a few spirals.
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    Thanks for replying. I know it is small. I'm at work and had limited time or software to manipulate the photo that I had emailed to myself :-)
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    Looks curlier than mine, and I'd label myself a 2a. I'd guess you were 2b or 2c
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    Yes, your picture is pretty small, but I'd say that if those are curls I see that you are a 2C or 3A.

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