photography anyone?

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heey guys. just wonderinng if anyone here does photography. i'm just getting intoo iit. me and my friends started a business sort of haha. we just started last fridaay. =) our site is check it outt and tell me what you think of the picturess !
oh and if you have any tips or something that would be awesome.
thankss guyss. <3
peace upp a townn-down
you can find me in the hood.
because gangsterrrr isss sooo the new prep homeyy.


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    wow you guys have some real talent going on! i love the ones of simple things, like the fences or signs. I love love the ones with the sky in the background! My boyfriend got me interested in photography--he takes pictures of like reptiles and stuff (nerd lol) but i like doing nature things. Like flowers and bees and butterflies. Can't do much in the winter though :(

    I signed your guestbook, hope you don't mind :D
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    haha thanks! =)
    oh really? that's cool. yeah it's pretty hard to take pics of animals and moving things lol.
    yeah!! bee's and butterflies are soo pretty in pictures.

    haha of course not! thanks for the comment. =D
    peace upp a townn-down
    you can find me in the hood.
    because gangsterrrr isss sooo the new prep homeyy.
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    i love photography and think that your website was a great idea! what type of camera do you use? what brand?
    3c/4a, hooray!

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