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I chose the name Afrocurls for a reason. lol

My hair is extremely thick, but still VERY curly. The curls near the front of my head tend to be extremely loose and would probably be considered 3A or 3B (although I really don't like using that system, I want you guys to get a good picture). The back is a tighter curl, about the size of a coffee stirrer.

I've brought my product regimen down to Suave Humectress Conditioner (Elucence when I can afford it), Jamaican Mango and Lime Leave In Moisturizer, and [buylink=]Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/buylink]...if I want a bit of hold, I'll use some FOTE Aloe Vera gel, but that's not often. These products leave my hair extremely soft and I get okay curl definition, but it's not as defined as I would like (I'm actually kind of disappointed in the Curling Custard). I have a hard time getting products on the roots because my hair is SO UNBELIEVEABLY THICK. Just curious if anyone else has that problem and if so, what do you do to better distribute product without making your hair too product heavy?

OR, is this just a combination of my numerous hair textures and massive thickness and it's probably something I'll be dealing with for the rest of my natural born days? lol I just wanna know what's going on so that I can accept what my hair will and will not do. I'm not one to force it. If you want to see recent pictures of my hair, feel free to check out my UPDATED hair album. Thanks curlies :)
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    I have super duper thick hair and the best way for me to get product throughout my hair is to section it off and apply to sections. This method takes time but it makes a big difference. As far as not putting too much product in, you would just have to really pay attention to how much you are squirting etc. each time. hth!
    2a with 3a mixed in. Fine, thin hair; straight at crown for 2 inches, then curl. Clips are my friend or I'd have no volume on top. Currently using DevaCurl line. Also love aloe vera gel and KCCC. CG since Feb 2010. First Deva Cut April 2, 2010.

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