I need help!

Tell me if this seems like a good plan:

Wash my scalp with Herbal Essence's Totally Twisted shampoo (once a week). JUST a little bit on the scalp. Rinse it out well. Put VO5 conditioner on the scalp and rub it in intensely with the pads of my fingers (not the nails). Rinse it out well. Put Suave Vanilla Floral Conditioner in the length of my hair and rinse. Put head upside down and rinse hair under warm water.

Put gel in. I haven't chosen the kind yet. Plop for 10- 15 minutes then diffuse dry (turning the dryer off when I'm moving it to another section) it most of the way. Leave it a little damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. Scrunch out the crunch, add product if I need it.

Does that sound good?! I'm trying to figure this all out!


  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135
    What kind of hair do you have and what issues are you currently facing with it?

    The proposed routine looks OK to me with these exceptions:

    If you are doing the shampoo step, you don't need the conditioner-washing step.

    I wonder if the Suave will provide enough moisture.

    You might want a leave-in conditioner of some kind. Perhaps the Suave or Vo5 will suffice.

    I personally can't rinse upside down or plop. My hair hates reversing directions, lol. But a lot of people have great luck with both of those things, so it will need experimenting.
  • CuriousgirlgeCuriousgirlge Registered Users Posts: 95
    I'm not sure what type my hair is. Maybe a 2b? I'm really not sure because it's so random. Lately my hair just is NOT curling and it is frizzing big time! My hair is also falling out ... like intense shedding. What is a good leave- in conditioner that won't cost me a lot of money? So when I shampoo, I won't condition. Then I will condition if I'm not shampooing. Thanks!
  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Registered Users Posts: 3,135
    Oops, maybe I was not clear! :oops:

    Always do the step where you apply conditioner over the length, no matter what.

    It is the scrubbing the scalp part that it is only necessary to do with one product, shampoo or conditioner. After you do that with whichever, then condition.

    I don't buy a separate leave-in conditioner at all. I just leave in some of the conditioner that I conditioned with. Others find that their "conditioner conditioner" won't work as a leave-in conditioner for whatever reason, and they have to use something different. Or: they find that it does work, but it's too hard to control the amount being left in with the rinsing. So they rinse it all out then just add some back.
  • CuriousgirlgeCuriousgirlge Registered Users Posts: 95
    So I can use VO5 or Suave on the scalp and the length? Are those good? I don't think I could leave conditioner in because that would weigh my hair down. So I might be able to find a good spray in one. It just seems like a lot of conditioning that would cause build- up though.

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