Urbanbella or Helmet

I'm new to the whole embracing my curls thing and I think I need to go to a salon to avoid buying a bunch of products that won't work for me. I'm not totally sure but I think I have 3b hair. My curls are really tight and if I let it air dry it pretty much turns into an afro. I'd like more elongated defined curls. I've read some pretty good reviews on both Urbanbella and Helmet Hairworx salons in the Atlanta area. Has anyone been to either of these? Has anyone experienced the famous C cut? Any pictures?


  • aprettyrockaprettyrock Posts: 50Registered Users
    I was just trying to figure out to which one I was going to go to try for my first haircut in years.

    Did you end up selecting one over the other? Anyone else have comments?

    Thanks! :)

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