I'm trying to let my hair grow out but...

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I have 2a hair, and it's VERY short. not even to my shoulder. I used to straighten it every day and my hair style was short in the back and longer in the front. Well now that I'm letting my hair grow out, it's hard to find ANYTHING to do with it, especially since I'm sick of straightening.

So BASICALLY I need hairstyle advice on how to get through this transition phase between short and medium length without looking like crap *like i have been for the passed month* :(


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    I was right where you are about a year and a half ago. I chopped it all off after a horrible TR experience, and while it was at chin length, I had to straighten everyday because if would be a frizzy large mess if I didn't. Once it got to shoulder length, I laid off the straightening everyday. My best advice is to get 1/4" trims off the ends only and only every 3 or more months until you reach your desired length. I took hair vitamins and that made me feel like I was doing all I could to speed the process of growing out. While growing it out, there were stages where I could do nothing with it, but I found that Scuncii pillow rollers really helped me. My hair wasn't long enough to look good curly, so I used these everyday for a few months. If you diffuse your hair until its almost dry and then use these rollers, you only have to leave them in for 5-10 minutes and you'll have uniform curl that's more predictable...which is great when you don't have the option of throwing it up in a ponytail. I wish I hadn't straightened for as long as I did so my ends would be healthier, so you're on the right track by stopping now.
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    There is a curly I am a "fan" of who I see on the bus. She rocks a curly bob that is shorter in the back (above the hairline, even) and longer in the front (around chin length). It appears to have some layers cut to encourage the curl, but the majority of it is bobbed like that. And of course the portion between the end of the bob in the back, and the nape, is quite short.

    In addition to this cut she is also a silver fox. I think she looks so stylish and awesome.

    A cut like this could possibly be a good grow out option, but I think you would have to go in often to get the "nape hairs" trimmed up, that are below the bob parameter.
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    I know this isn't going to be helpful, but this is what I did.

    I bought a good wig! I wore a wig for many months. I was working at a vintage clothing boutique at the time, so work-wise it was an acceptable thing to do. I was pretty young, so my friends thought I was "awesome" for doing it.

    Not really practical for most people, but I thought I'd share the extreme way I dealt with it... growing out your hair is really, really stressful!
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    Cute headbands are a total life saver. I would have cut my hair off many many times without one. The hard plastic ones give me headaches so I wore the cloth ones.

    It seems like forever before your hair will grown but it will. I relaxed my and regretted it. I got a bob cut and just kept trimming the relaxed ends off until they were all gone. Then I started to have the side trimmed and left that back alone and now I can get my all my hair into a high ponytail and don't need bobbypins or barretts.


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