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Hi! I am new here. I've been reading the boards for a few weeks and have lots of ideas to try for shampoo and conditioners. Here's my question: I'm not sure what to use for styling. I seem to be allergic or something to most styling gels and mousses - they make my scalp itch all over. I used to use just a leave-in conditioner by Pantene, but they changed the formula and it just doesn't work anymore. I've been using Aussie Moist Leave-in Creme. It makes my hair look great, but it feels awful, really gunky, especially when it's wet. Any ideas on what to try would be great - it needs to be something I can pick up at Walmart/drugstore. I live in a rural area and there's not much else around. Thanks for your help!


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    Hmmm. That's a tough one. I used to have an itchy scalp, but once I stopped using shampoo, the itchies went away. But if you're convinced that it's stylers, that's a bit tougher. I'd suggest Aura hypoallergenic gel, but I don't know of anyplace other than Sally's Beauty Supply that carries it. Possibly you could order it online. If you haven't tried the FX Curl Fixative Booster, you could try it. Someone on the board compared its ingredients to a list of skin/hair ingredients to avoid and it passed the test. That gel is available at my local CVS drug store as well as Ulta. Good luck, I hope you find something you can use!
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    It's definitely the stylers - I'm only itchy when I use them and I get a rash on my neck. I'll see if there's a Sally's anywhere reasonably nearby. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    That's too bad. I wish I had some product suggestions for you.

    My suggestion would be a little research. I'm allergic to hair dye and I found the chemical I'm sensitive by doing some web surfing. (Unfortunately, I can't find a hair dye that doesn't have it as an ingredient.)

    You could look at the ingredient list of the ones that have made you itchy and find the common ingredient, then avoid any product with it in them.
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    I was wondering if you had read this thread? There are some suggestions about making your own hair gel with things you may have in your own kitchen.

    I thought that maybe if you tried making your own there you may not have any allergic reactions? At least you would know what was in it! :)
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