Let's talk about maternity belts

Brown_Eyed_GirlBrown_Eyed_Girl Posts: 1,353Registered Users Curl Neophyte
So my midwife suggested that a maternity belt might help some of the ligament aches that I've been having when I walk. It's gotten a little better since I saw her last...as in I can walk more than a couple blocks now without stopping to let my tummy rest.:wink:

I also get some back pain when I'm on my feet for a while, so I'm hoping a belt would help with that too.

So, where do you find maternity belts? Is any type/brand better than another?



  • geekygeeky Posts: 4,995Registered Users
    I got one at Babies R Us that looks like this
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    I've seen some at Motherhood maternity, but I never got one.
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    I had one that I got at a local boutique. It helped some. Not tons but enough to make it worth the bother.

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  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,259Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    By the time I got to my 3rd and 4th babies, I had very severe pelvic pain (from a worn out pelvic floor probably). It was pretty debilitating. Doing kegels helped some, especially if I squeezed a really tight kegel right before getting up from a sitting position (the most painful time for me). But the only thing that really cured it each time was...delivery.

    I tried those maternity belt things, but all they did was make my lower back hurt...something that I didn't have a problem with before wearing the belt...and it didn't help the pelvic pain anyway.

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