Winter hair on my preschoolers??? (3a?)

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I'm a very straight :wink: Mom of twin curlies... Well, they had curls - in the summer... Especially when our AC went out :laughing7:

I tried lots of products (okay, not lots - but a few) - including a Fuzzy Duck gel (that worked really well when the girl at the salon used it), several Suave conditioners, some Garnier Leave In Co - and numerous other things that haven't worked at all... :tongue5::tongue5::tongue5:

What am I doing wrong? They had springy, cute curls during the hot and HUMID summer months - but all winter - they just have truly awful looking hair. Thin, straight(like), dry - just not cute :cry:

Is there anything I can use that will help?
straight Mom to curly/wavy twins 2c/3a, they are 3.5 years old


  • twincurlstwincurls Registered Users Posts: 12
    I'm more than willing to try some of the kids' products sold here at the Curlmart, but I'd like a recommendation!

    Should I stop washing and use conditioner only? What about a leave in conditioner?

    From doing a search I see that gel might be too drying in the winter...

    The girls aren't four yet - so you can imagine I'd like a SIMPLE routine!

    straight Mom to curly/wavy twins 2c/3a, they are 3.5 years old
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    Don't overdo the fact on a 3 or 4 year old I would say 2 products would be too much, maybe just a leave in conditioner. Whatever you use in your hair would probably work, and try to wash their hair every other day.
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    Hi my 2 1/2 year old has mostly 3a with a patch of 3b hair in the back. I only wash her hair every three days with Burts Bees baby hair wash. Condition with California baby conditioner or Trader Joe's Citrus refresh conditioner. She gets conditioner every night at tub time.

    When done, I comb it and put in a small amount of [buylink=]JessiCurl's rockin ringlets[/buylink]. It really works wonders, and the products are natural - vegan even. I feel ok about using these products on my little one.

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    Twincurls, I don't have to tell you that the colder weather with the dry/heated conditions indoors can just strip curls of moisture. My youngest son has almost the same curl range as yours (2c/3b) The trick is his hair is very fine and conditioner washes (co-washing: the practice of using only conditioner to cleanse hair since most shampoos are stripping to curls) is just too intense for his hair type. It's sort of a balancing act. The key is to keep the moisture in as long as possible, so in the winter I've cut back to washing hair weekly. I use a super gentle, sulfate free cleanser (Earth's Best Organic Shampoo/Body Wash). I concentrate on the scalp, but it's very easy on the hair and follow up with Super-Sensitive California Baby Conditioner. There is no need to go heavy on the conditioner either. You could very well be aggravating the frizz using too much product or a protein laden conditioner on hair that is already strong.

    I also use two very light oils on his hair. But again, how much and what you use will depend on the length and texture of the hair -- even how you style it. Avoid heavy, nut oils unless your dealing with really thick, dry curls. Not everyone takes to oil, but my son's frizz melts away when I smooth in a few tiny drops of Apricot Kernel or Grapeseed oil after a wash or when a touch of frizz is setting in.

    And lastly, if your kids are old enough, sleep them on satin pillowcases. It works wonders. Cotton just zaps away moisture. Girls may even go for wearing a satin cap to sleep. And curb the brushing. You're stretching those curls right out and setting up the fuzz. When you need to detangle use a wide-tooth comb or one of the seamless wavy combs that don't scratch the scalp. Even those shower combs are good for distributing conditioner in the bath.

    Don't focus so much on product over technique. As I said before you could be promoting the frizz by simply overdoing it. Good luck!
    3c representative of a 2c-4a curly clan.
    Keeping it simple, natural & sulfate free. Fan of pure oils, butters & glycerin to moisturize.
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    We have the same problem...the rest of the year my daughter has very curly hair with ringlets all over the place, but every winter it's more wavy. We even tried cutting it shoulder-length (when dry) and while that helped a bit, her curls were nowhere near what they normally are.

    I wash her hair once a week (she's 5 btw) and use conditioner. Every other morning, I wet it down with a squirty bottle full of water and a leave-in conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to get out the tangles. If I need to dry it (she's afternoon kindergarten, so often it can just air-dry) she sits under a bonnet dryer (I'm no good with a diffuser). I also give her hair a vinegar rinse during every other washing, cuz I figure the leave-in conditioner builds up.

    Also, I just bought [buylink=]Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets[/buylink] last week and wow, that really does work. Even the day after when I wet her hair down and combed it, the curls came right back. I'm not sure how it'll work with washing her hair only once a week, but we'll figure it out.

    I can't wait till the humidity comes back into the air and her hair takes care of itself!


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