Help!!! Frizzy Hair!

~SPONTANEOUS~~SPONTANEOUS~ Posts: 20Registered Users
I have type 3B-3C hair that can never stay down. I live in Texas where it is VERY humid all of the time and I like to wear my hair down I just cant keep the frizz down so I always wear it up in a pony tail. Please help!


  • ava.nemieava.nemie Posts: 9Registered Users
    I have the same problem with humidity!

    I finnally learned how to control it!

    My regimen is to take a shower in the morning and condition it, leaving a tad bit in to keep it smooth. Ill towel dry it untill it is quite damp and seperate it into 4 parts, and put a quarter size amount of gel into each section. Ill let all the sections down and restyle my bangs and curl some loose ends with my fingers. I really dont like the hairdryer.. even with the cool setting. It just makes it so frizzy and fugly. I suggest just letting it airdry after you styled it! And I am ready to go ^_^

    Hope this helps a bit!

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