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Finally, I've found a routine that works very consistently for me. I have almost zero frizz (or if I have some, it works with the look) and my hair has been healthy. It feels and looks better than ever, I have not been remotely tempted to bust out the round brush and/or flat iron. Here it is:

Shampoo with Nature's Gate organics Lemon & Verbena
Condition with J/A/S/O/N Sea Kelp conditioner
Leave-in conditioner: ABBA Nourishing (this is truly truly an HG for me)

Rake or scrunch in a fair amount of Redken Spin Control. Optional, occasional mixing or layering with Rusk Wired, Rusk Jele Gloss, or RX2 texture creme.

My hair is so long now that I'm actually more of a 2b/2a now, but ... for you non-CG-ers, this may give you some ideas!
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*All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
*Currently enjoying Elucence MBC, Abba Nourishing, Giovanni Vitapro, Abba Gel-Lotion, Redken Spin Control


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    you're lucky to have found something that works for you. i may have to try your routine - at least the last few products, anyway. i just got a bottle of rusk jele gloss and i already have ABBA nourishing. now i'll just need to hunt down the redken spin control. is the spin control more of a styler than a leave-in? i'm trying to figure that out.

    i realize the redken and the rusk have cones, but i don't care. my hair has been giving me serious problems lately, and i can't handle the uncertain results i'm getting.

    does the shampoo you use have sulfates in it? i'm looking for a new gentle sulfate containing shampoo to use since i have a few products with cones in them. i'm going to need to sulfate-wash at least once a month, i think. other than that, i think i will stick to co-washing and [buylink=]jessicurl's HCC[/buylink] most of the time.
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    looking for that HG styler... still.
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    twwirly -- sorry for the late reply. i think you and i might have really similar hair based on your other posts, so here goes ...

    i'd say spin control is somewhere in between a leave-in and a styler, in the sense that its texture is very similar to Abba nourishing. it's marketed as a leave-in styler (don't have exact quote), although i can't vouch for any real moisturizing properties other than 'cones, if you want to count those as moisturizing. i've been doing a LOT of experimenting lately with various cream stylers. spin control is the only product that gives me clumping, separation, and decent hold with absolutely zero crunch or residue. it's funny because i used to despise spin control in the past -- i think i just wasn't using enough. i feel like no matter how much i put in, it never feels gross in my hair. i've tried a couple other things lately that give me a similar look but my hair feels dry with those; with spin control, my hair always feels extremely soft. maybe the one downside to spin control is that it doesn't really help with volume. it doesn't have the same type of "tense"/soft hold that, say, rusk wired does (you are familiar with that, right?) i think spin control might be perfect with just a hint of gel on top (though gel always turns my hair into a giant mess).

    i feel so-so about the rusk jele gloss; i can't ever tell if it's really doing anything for my hair. i think, if anything, it's good for volume if that's what i'm going for.

    my shampoo does not have sulfates, but does have other detergents. i'm really happy with it. my conditioner's formula changed and now i'm on the hunt for a new one.

    keep me posted on your hair experiments!!
    Formerly agk

    *All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
    *Currently enjoying Elucence MBC, Abba Nourishing, Giovanni Vitapro, Abba Gel-Lotion, Redken Spin Control

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